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TOP 5 country restaurants near Archidona

We’re incredibly lucky in Archidona for many reasons, but particularly when it comes to good places to eat within walking distance of Almohalla 51. But when we want to head out to the “campo” we’ve some great options too, all an easy drive or taxi ride away.

Road side “Ventas” dot the landscape in rural Spain; country restaurants with large open terraces in the summer basking in sun, or with a roaming fire in the cooler months to warm you up from the outside (well, it never really gets that cold!). 

These eateries, often family run for generations, tend to focus on hearty meat dishes, and are hugely popular at weekends when friends and family get together and share an afternoon of eating, chatting and drinking. These occasions can go on for hours, engaging in what is known as ¨la sobremesa¨ when after the main meal, coffees, desserts, and more often than not, lícquers are enjoyed and the world is put to rights! 

Were fortunate to have a couple a stones throw from Almohalla 51, so next time you come to stay, maybe try something different. Here are our Top 5 and we’re always happy to book a table when we can…

1: Las Vinas (5 minutes drive)

Whole leg of lamb marinated in garlic, Rosemary and thyme and slow roasted in a Wood fired oven at this great restaurant just down the road. Goes great with a good bottle of Rioja.

2: Casa Manolo (10 minutes drive)

In nearby hamlet Salinas, this family run joint has a terrace at the front and a main dining room inside. Here you can get roasted meats (below), barbecued spatchcock, or if you are hungry enough they do a meat feast selection to share between 2 or 4. Go for a long walk before!

3: Venta el Cortijuelo (15 minutes drive)

In the neighbouring town of Villanueva del Trabuco. This enormous place has a huge open fire with ham rocks roasting over it. You might have to queue but it’s worth it. 

4: Venta el Conejo (25 minutes away)

Pictured above, leaving Antequera in the direction of the Torcal National Park, it’s a small venta on the side of the road affectionately known as “the rabbit”, which serves exactly that. Roasted in garlic with enormous plates of home cooked chips and peppers, it’s basic, manic, and noisy, and the food is as tasty as hell!

5: Meson Riofrio 15 minutes away)

For those of you that are more fish focused, on the motorway towards Granada you’ll hit an odd small town on the roadside, famed for trout. There are seemigly more restaurants than houses in RioFrio and given the trout farms and river there, it’s the main dish on offer. From trout caviar (above), to smoked trout, grilled or pan fried, it comes in a huge variety of ways.