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A visit to an Andalucian vineyard

Here in the Malaga province of Andalucia we’re best known for our sweet, syrupy wines, but increasingly there are vineyards (known as “bodegas”) where production is challenging that preconception. Close to Archidona, on the slopes of El Torcal, is the bodega of Hermanos Gross, a small family run winery to which we organise tours. Check out what to expect when you visit.

Where is the bodega?

Just behind Antequera, high up on the lower slopes of the wonderful El Torcal national park is this little piece of Spanish bliss. The countryside here is just unbelievably beautiful. As you wind your way along the track from the main road you’ll pass parts of a Roman water system – white structures almost like beehives – which are still in use today to irrigate the land. The Gross family’s land is dotted with ever green oaks and olive trees and even on a warm summer’s day there’s a cool, welcoming breeze.

What’s involved in the tour?

Javier, the overseer of the family bodega, will meet you either from the road or part way up to begin your tour. A charming and knowledgeable guide he’ll walk you through the various varieties grown here, the challenges those varieties bring and the wine that they can be used to produce. He’ll also take you through the history of winemaking in the region and his family’s long tradition in the industry.

Once you’ve finished your tour Javier will take you to the main building where you’ll have a tour of the pristine processing area before taking you to the main attraction. The tasting.

Javier will talk your through the different types of wine the family produce and their highly individual characteristics. These wines are full bodied and robust but without being heavy and if you’re lucky enough to try the Gross Rose then it will dispel any myths about sweet Spanish rose you may have heard.

What’s included in the tour?

Along with the tour and tasting you have the opportunity to partake of carefully prepared tapas or suppers matched to the wines you taste. It was amazing how the salty flesh of sardines could bring out different tones to the wines we tried, or how the tasty cheese platter made the reds zing with flavour. Beautiful. There’s no pressure to rush your tour or your food and it’s just such an amazing spot that to sit and soak up the almost African feel of the land makes for a superb way to while away an hour or so.

How much does it cost to visit Hermanos Gross?

The tours we can arrange start from €25pp for a tour with tasting and tapas. It’s an easy 45 minute drive from Almohalla 51 but we can also arrange taxis to take you meaning you can try as much as you like!

One of the best things about visiting Hermanos Gross is that you’re visiting a small, environmentally friendly, quality, family run business. Javier and his family have created some truly special wines, but also a truly beautiful place to visit in their corner of Andalucia.