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Almohalla work

The pandemic has meant that a lot of us have shifted our work lives dramatically into a new routine of home working, which often really means ‘the bedroom’. Companies are now far more relaxed about where you work from, so how about coming to Almohalla 51 for a week or more to work in beautiful surroundings with blue skies above? You can work using our Wifi, in any of our indoor or outdoor work spaces, taking breaks for a dip in the pool, or a walk up through the pine forest behind the hotel, or into the town for tapas. Evenings you can switch into holiday mode and completely relax and enjoy the luxury of Almohalla 51 and the delights of Archidona. Room prices for a stay beyond 7 days are discounted by 30% and 14 days 50%

Come by yourself or with a colleague. Or your Company can bring small teams (up to ten) for a team bonding break and we can work out a package of meals and activities with you, perfect to improve team skills, bonding and productivity in the workplace!

To find out more and book, contact Almohalla 51 on info@almohalla51.com or +34 657 842850 or +44 7941511362