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Monday Live Music Nights at Hotel Almohalla 51

All over the world people are chasing sunsets … and we are lucky enough to have our very own sunset every night, here at Hotel Almohalla 51 

Introducing Midsummer Sunset Flamenco at Almohalla 51 

We we are very happy and honoured to have just hosted our inaugural event, our first Monday Live Music Night at Hotel Almohalla 51, on 24 June 2024. 

It took a lot of effort, form filling, planning, sleepless nights and problem solving! But we did it and it was a huge success and we ended the night exhausted, but with huge smiles on our faces! 

Guests were invited to be part of an intimate audience with Archidona’s very own celebrated and extremely talented flamenco dancer Ana Pastrana, with David de Ana on guitar and Chelo Soto singing.  Ana danced a Midsummer Sunset Flamenco performance on the terrace of Hotel Almohalla 51 as the sun set and the sky went from blue to deep orange, creating a very atmospheric and emotional spectacle. 

Our Vision

We first thought of this idea last year when discussing our love of live music.  Our vision, was that we could start a once-a-month Monday music night. This would be the perfect platform to showcase talent and offer an opportunity to emerging and recognized artists to perform to an audience. Gradually our idea started to take shape and we became more excited! 

As there is no local live music venue in Archidona, our hotel Almohalla 51 was the obvious and perfect venue to host a range of music evenings to enrich and enhance the cultural diversity of Archidona. We wanted to  create a soul of Archidona, somewhere for the meeting of like minded people to relax and enjoy good music in a beautiful setting as the sun goes down.

Putting this vision into practice was far more difficult than we imagined as obtaining the correct licences and protocol without previous experience in Spain was lengthy and more than once we nearly abandoned the idea!

Future plans

Our vision is to plan for a series of ongoing future musical evenings.  We want to collaborate with students from the music college, professional, experienced and new musicians and dancers and offer them a paid opportunity to perform and play a range of music genres from classic Spanish music, blues, jazz and folk and dancers.  

We have also started collaborating with directors, such as the experienced festival directer Jose Luis Solis Leon who organises events such as the annual Flamenco festival in Archidona, to further increase the musical events in the town and help us find appropriate and interesting musicians.

This project actively encourages music lovers, locals and future tourists to come to Archidona and offers the town and people from further afield a regular cultural monthly event. We want to become known for our music nights! 

As a non profit making event funded by ourselves, we plan to keep the event as afordable as possible (the first event was free) with a minimal ticket price and offer food, and drinks which would also address another problem, which is that restaurants in Archidona are often closed on Mondays, an issue for our hotel guests each year. 

Our first event !

So how did it go? Our first event was truly incredible and a beautiful night and we are very happy and honoured to have been able to make it work and for the evening to be such a success. We were all totally immersed in the music, transfixed by Davids fingers magically dancing so quickly over his guitar strings, we were captured by Chelos voice and we were mesmerised by Anas dancing, soaking up the atmosphere in the perfect setting by the pool as the sun went down. Time seemed to stand still as we let ourselves succumb to the performance of three very talented artists. It was a wonderful experience!

When the music starts, she begins to dance, with ritual slowness. Then she stamps out the dampness from her soul. Then she stamps fire into her loins. She takes on a strange enchanted glow. With a dark tragic rage, shouting, she hurls her hungers, her doubts, her terrors, and her secular prayer for more light into the spaces around her. All fire and fate, she spins her enigma around us, and pulls into the awesome risk of her dance.

Ben Okri, Birds of Heaven.

After the dancing, our guests left enthusiastically talking about the flamenco, in awe of their talent and very appreciative to have experienced it and fed back on social media with some wonderful comments for which we are very grateful!

“An interesting initiative for the culture and promotion of Archidona. Congratulations to the Almohalla 51 hotel for providing us with their project. A magical night with an unforgettable flamenco performance”

“It was a spectacular night, the atmosphere was super cozy, the guitarist was a phenomenon, and Ana and Chelo Soto were impressive… Many thanks to Almohalla 51 for making us enjoy a flamenco evening, without a doubt it is an initiative that must be supported and repeated …Congratulations for such a brilliant idea!!!”

“Great event! Amazing what you guys are doing to improve the cultural environment of Archidona! Thank you!”


We would like to express our thanks to everyone who came and supported us and also to those that helped us in the organisation and on the night! 

For future events please look at our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Almohalla51 and follow us on instagram @almohalla51 and of course our website https://www.almohalla51.com/

And why not come and experience our music nights or other experiences for yourselves ! We look forward to seeing you next time!