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Top 5 Spanish winter dishes

It’s not always sunshine, red wine and paella in Spain you know! Come October and the days start to get shorter (getting dark at 8pm instead of 10:30pm – imagine…) and sometimes it’s cold. Our minds are starting to turn to some classic winter dishes in the Spanish cookbook and here are our Top 5:

1: Migas – fried breadcrumbs

Basically migas means “crumbs” and it’s a truly rustic dish designed to use up stale bread. Traditionally stirred for hours over an open fire, there are easier and quicker ways and now you’ll find variations of the original but this recipe is a good: Find out how to make migas

2: Montes de Malaga – A dish from the Mountains of Malaga

So, this looks a little bit like egg and chips but it’s sooo much better. Do a hike and then head to a traditional venta (check out some of our favourites here) for this dish of chorizo, morcilla (Spanish black pudding), eggs, pork and potatoes. Delicious.

3: Cazuela – homemade stew

Cazuela literally means a pot and in our opinion few things can beat a hearty stew on a cold day, often made in the earthen wear pot this dish takes its name from. Traditional stews in Spain makes use of all sorts of things to be used up from the larder, but we love this tomato, bean and chorizo based recipe: Find out how to make a cazuela

4: Cordero asado – Roast leg of lamb

A heavy red wine. An open fire. A cold, crisp and sunny Sunday afternoon. Add a leg of lamb and we’re in heaven. One of the best we’ve had is served up at Las Vinas, just outside of Archidona. Here they’re served with chips or patatas a la pobre

5: Chicken, chorizo and peppers

Super easy, super tasty and incredibly Spanish. Sometimes known as Basque chicken, this is another chorizo dish, but this time with succulent red peppers and slowly tenderised chicken in a rich sauce. See this great recipe for an easy chicken, chorizo and peppers recipe