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Why Spain is still one of the most visited countries in the world

We love Spain, and especially Malaga and of course our wonderful town, Archidona. Longer days, sunshine, outdoor living and a mediterranean diet of olive oil and tomatoes have no doubt contributed to the population being in first place with highest life expectancy in the world by 2040, with a staggering 86 years! That’s one good reason to move here! But it’s a country that is outward facing and embraces travellers and loves to share its sights, culture and traditions.

In these divisive times, the country remains open, inclusive, diverse, welcoming to all, and generally a safe place. The country relies on tourism and the infrastructure caters well to it, and Spain remains eager to ensure that continues regardless of outside changes. 

Hotels, restaurants, car hire, and transport are all good value whatever the exchange rate, the food is fresh and tasty, the wine is exceptional and “we” (and we say “we” as proud adopted Spaniards) are delighted to share our love and passion for this exceptional country. Thank you for all your support over the past few years and we hope to welcome old friends and new ones, from across the globe in 2020.